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Real-Time Machine Monitoring

Real-Time Makino Machine monitoring at your fingertips

Makino’s Real-Time Machine Monitoring Software puts you in total control of your machines with fast, accurate productivity information. It’s easy to track production, compare key data points and know instantly if a machine goes offline or operations slow. The Makino Machine Productivity MAXimiser (MPMAX), a CNC machine process control and data management system, provides that data. 

Centralized display and control of shop floor data

With the MPMAX, it’s easy to connect multiple machines on a single network to a centralized computer, where it collects, stores, analyzes and displays real-time machine data. This means detecting and reacting to bottlenecks faster and more efficiently, minimizing downtime. 

Highlights of MPMAX
  • Graphical overview of machine utilization and machine status, including capacities for new job assignments
  • Instant mobile alerts
  • Email notification according to schedule and machine status
  • Remote machine monitoring
  • Flexible tool, program, fixture and process management
  • Transfer tool data directly from the presetter to MPMAX
  • Display of machine chambers through connected cameras
  • Detailed alarm analysis 
  • Display of machine energy consumption