Machine Technology

Machine Technology

Whatever your size, whatever your industry, we have a solution that can reshape your world.

Industry Leader in Machine Design

In a world dominated by deadlines, demands and down-time, we help you produce higher quality parts with less waste and repair. Horizontal, vertical, graphite machining, all types of EDM—we have a high-production, deadly-accurate machine for every setup you can dream up.
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Industry Leader in Machine Design

A Step Ahead in Software & Digital

How do you make a Makino even better? By integrating a new kind of manufacturing intelligence that drives new levels of production. Produce real-time data for unmatched uptime, predict problems before they happen and connect to your machines in more complete ways.
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A Step Ahead in Software & Digital

One Automation Source—Simple

Every step of production is critical. Every wasted motion is an opportunity to save. Reduce machining costs and guarantee cycle time with a complete automation system designed by our manufacturing and efficiency experts. Our repeat processes can help you achieve up to a 95% utilization rate.
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One Automation Source—Simple

Expert Engineering Help

First, we equip our expert application engineers with the latest digital innovations. Then, we challenge them to root out inefficiencies and unleash the full potential of your operations. We can custom design and build processes from scratch, or integrate proven services into your system. 
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Expert Engineering Help

Industries Served By Makino


Makino machines, processes, and engineering solutions produce the most accurate parts in the industry.


Lower part cycle times with greater accuracy, stability, and repeatability. The Makino competitive edge. 


Faster throughput, finer finishes, and lower costs. Made possible with Makino’s intelligent technology.

Job Shops

Makino has a solution that can help lower your costs and increase your competitive advantage.


Makino machines and technology provide precision and flexibility for manufacturing medical parts.


Complex applications with micron-level tolerances. Makino machines and engineering can meet the demand.


Semiconductor product manufacturing requires unique capabilities. Makino meets the need.

Additive Manufacturing

Makino addresses the challenges faced with developing post processing solutions.

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