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Machine Monitoring

Turn data into better shop floor performance

Get the highest performance out of your machines with our process monitoring and data management software solution, MPmax (Machine Productivity Maximizer). With MPmax, the key to increasing performance is at your fingertips. 

Connect multiple machines to your network, then track and monitor work in real-time from a central location. By understanding and observing machine performance, you’ll be able to detect and remove bottlenecks as they happen and optimize production. Meanwhile, alarm events let you react immediately to problems, dramatically improving uptime and increasing utilization.
Turn data into better shop floor performance

Remote Monitoring

Detect and react to problems as they happen—from anywhere—to dramatically reduce downtime. When MPmax tracks machine usage, you can easily see production bottlenecks and flow work from areas of overuse to open machines. 

Machine Data Management

Recognize opportunity when it happens and use data to optimize machine performance. With built-in data management of key machine features, you have the power to track, record and manage machine utilization. Monitor status, alarms, spindle and axis movement, machine power, and more with MPmax. 

Track Performance

Collect probe data, calculate Cpk process capability, and track the accuracy and performance of critical features to make the highest quality part. Monitoring technology lets you safely and accurately fine-tune processes for faster cutting speeds and greater depths of cuts.