Global Overview

Global Overview

With headquarters in Tokyo and facilities all over the globe, Makino connects the world to the latest developments in machine technology.


In 1930, Tsunezo Makino set up his first machine shop in Tokyo, Japan. Nearly a century later, Tokyo still hosts the world headquarters of Makino Milling Machine Company. From there, Makino distributes cutting-edge machines, tools and solutions throughout Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan. Makino’s Tokyo Research and Development department introduced the first commercially viable horizontal machining center. They lead the industry in development and innovation of machines and systems, always driven to solve tomorrow’s problems today. 

Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.
3-19, Nakane 2-chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152, Japan
Makino Milling Machine Company


Makino operates throughout North and South America via Regional Tech Centers, each strategically located in areas near leading manufacturers. Local sales, service and training, new product and technology demos—you can find it all in our Regional Tech Centers.
Regional Tech Centers


Europe’s Makino solutions come through Makino GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. They specialize in developing turnkey and systems for metal-cutting applications. 
Makino GmbH


Makino Singapore distributes Makino tools and solutions throughout Southeast Asia, China and India. From our Singapore facility, we manufacture vertical milling machines and machining centers, and both wire and RAM EDMs. Our foundry builds machine tool subcomponents, while Engineering Services helps clients develop turnkey systems and solutions.
Regional Tech Centers

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