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The Makino Culture

Working at Makino is a total exciting and rewarding experience! Makino employees are always at the forefront of innovation, exhibiting high levels of energy, flexibility and willingness to take risks. Employees are rich in diversity, multi-racial and multi-national. They display high levels of dynamism working in a team with other employees from different cultures. We are proud to say that we have a unique culture and our employees are agile and adaptable in embracing change and seizing new opportunities and challenges. Makino has instilled an environment, which provides the opportunity for personal growth and the rewards that go along with a successful career.

Watch news coverage of Makino Asia's More Than Just Machines launch event where its its smart factory and Industry 4.0 digital technologies were unveiled.

It’s Not Just About Work

Makino employees work and play hard. In order to strive for work-life balance for our employees, we have our own in-house clubhouse with well-equipped gym facilities and pool table for our employees to unwind during non-official working hours. Through the various recreational and workplace health activities and programmes, we help our employees to keep up with healthy living lifestyle as well as foster teambonding among employees.

Transform your career path with Makino

Makino employees are diverse, creative professionals committed to solving the unique challenges that fall under their expertise. They use their skills to create a customer service experience unlike any other. They believe in Makino — and we believe in them.

With locations in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim, Makino is ready to help you find the right team in the right place. 
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Transform your career path with Makino