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Social Responsibility

We’re Committed to Transforming Society Through Technology

Conducting our business in a way which is ethically responsible, safe and consistent with the company’s values and standards, is an essential element of our business model.

As a company with both global and local reach, Makino strives to be mindful of our impact on the world beyond the ways our technology improves society’s health and well-being. We’re also committed to modeling responsible business practices wherever we go, and in whatever communities we touch. We focus on three primary pillars of social responsibility: environment/sustainability, human trafficking and conflict minerals.

Environment and Sustainability

Design innovations constantly improve the energy efficiency of our products, while each machine captures its own waste materials for easy recycling.

Human Trafficking

We expect ourselves and our suppliers to respect human rights and dignity, and we will never source products from suppliers who violate this fundamental policy.

Conflict Minerals

When we build our products, we only source materials from suppliers who are “conflict mineral free.” We’ve implemented several internal practices to support this goal.