Horizontal Machining 5 Axis


Horizontal Machining 5 Axis

Horizontal Machining Center Designed for Medical Part Machining

The N2-5XA 5-axis horizontal machining center is specifically designed for high-productivity in near-net-shape components, making it ideal for medical part machining of orthopedic implant parts and high-volume die cast component production

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Technical Specifications

It's twin direct-drive rotary axes are housed in a rigid trunion casting, providing ideal accessibility to the workpiece and opportunities to improve quality and throughput by consolidating operations.

The N2-5XA features a 20,000 rpm HSK-40A spindle that accelerates to maximum RPM in just 0.8 seconds. This spindle works in concert with the standard AI Contour Control and 1.4G Z-axis acceleration to quickly and accurately produce the complex geometries common in medical implant components. Consuming a mere 26 square-feet of floor space, the N2-5XA is a high-productivity “right-sized” solution to your small part manufacturing challenges. 

200 mm ø
X: 300 mm Y: 300 mm Z: 230 mm

A Axis

150° (-120° ~ +30°) Direct Drive

B Axis

360° Direct Drive

C Axis


Spindle RPM


Rapid Traverse

42,000 mm/min (X&Y), 56,000 mm/min (Z)

Cutting Feedrate

32,000 mm/min

Maximum Workpiece

300 mm ø x 270 mm (with limitations)

Maximum Payload

150 kg

ATC Capacity

14 (21 opt)

Tool to Tool


Chip to Chip


Maximum Tool Diameter

50 mm

Maximum Tool Weight

2 kg