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Remote Support

ProVis Remote Diagnostics
Real-time troubleshooting—when you need it most. ProVis connects you to tech support by sharing a live display of your machine control for instant problem-solving. 

How It Works


ProVis technology uses the Internet to link Pro5 machine centers directly to troubleshooting specialists, who see a live display of machine controls for on-the-spot assistance. This next-level tech support is available any time of day or night, minimizing downtime while maximizing efficiency.  

Why ProVis?

Machine downtime is never convenient—but ProVis always is. Instead of waiting hours or days for on-site specialists, Provis connects you instantly, anytime, to tech support that gets you back up and running quickly. 


Is My Machine Compatible?

ProVis works with Makino Professional 5 (Pro5) enabled machining centers. These manufacturers receive ProVis at no cost, as do distributor field support and phone support technicians. 

All you need to interact with ProVis is an Internet connection and Makino’s VNC server software. But tech support isn’t just available online; if a service technician is already on-site, they can use ProVis to connect a laptop directly to the machine and guide you through recovery procedures and processes. 
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