Horizontal Machining 4 axis


Horizontal Machining 4 axis

Leading the generation of aluminum mass production parts processing

The horizontal machining center J series is the core machine of the flexible transfer line (FTL). Fixed table type makes it easy to handle material transfer such as work loaders and robots.

Specializing in aluminum processing, maximum productivity can be realized by short machining time due to increased agility on top of efficient chip disposal to maintain reliable quality and space-saving design.

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Technical Specifications

This horizontal machining center is ideal for drilling and tapping, which accounts for over 90% of aluminum die casting parts.

The smallest machine width in the class equipped with a B-axis table and it is suitable for mass production lines.

Spindle configuration is 16K, HSK-A63 with optional high-power spindle, and optional A axis and AB axis, according to the machining requirement.  The machining quality is further achieved by a rigid structure and efficient chip evacuation from the machining chamber.

Machine can be configured with robot loaders and gantry loaders.

Please contact our sales staff for details about this machine. A system can be integrated to meet the needs of mass production requirement.

Table: Φ400 mm
X: 750 mm Y: 560 mm Z: 500 mm

B Axis

360 deg

Spindle RPM

50 to 16000

Spindle Taper


Rapid Traverse

75000 mm/min

Cutting Feedrate

1 to 50000 mm/min

Maximum Workpiece

Φ790 × 740 mm (conditional)

Maximum Payload

400 kg

Maximum Tool Length HSK

360 mm

Maximum Tool Diameter

125 mm

Maximum Tool Weight

8 kg