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Precautionary Measures for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019‑nCoV)

Asia, 29 January 2020 –  In response to the ongoing novel coronavirus (“nCoV”) outbreak, proactive measures are put in place to monitor the situation closely and disseminating medical advisory to all employees in Makino Asia Group in a timely manner. All employees across the regions are also reminded to take note of their respective local authorities’ latest health advisory and to remain vigilant at all times.
In addition, Makino has formed a global management task force to closely monitor the situation and take appropriate actions, subject to respective local authorities’ requirements and recommendations. We have also instituted precautionary health and hygiene measures and additional countermeasures within the Makino Asia Group.
As a company that focuses on long-term sustainable business practices, the management takes all necessary measures to safeguard the health and safety of all the employees as well as visitors to its premises.
Makino Asia Management
29 January 2020