Wire EDM


Wire EDM

Flexibility to tackle extremely large work piece details 

The U1310 Wire EDM machine provides two very unique attributes on an extremely large machine with its ability to achieve high accuracy and productive high-speed machining.  Positioning accuracy of +/- 3µm (+/- 0.0001”) over its full stroke ensure that optimum precision is delivered to each and every part no matter what the size! Industry leading technology, such as Makino’s H.E.A.T., provides low wire consumption and excellent part straightness while delivering the fastest possible machining speeds to the most difficult cutting applications.

Long-term precision is maintained with the U1310’s stationary work table design, which provides support and rigidity for work pieces weighing up to 6,000 kg (13,228 lbs.).  Reliable Automatic Wire Threading is delivered with Makino’s renowned Split Precision V-Guide system, which supports dependable automatic wire threading at the full Z-Stroke height of 620mm (24.4”).  Machine maintenance is also significantly reduced using the Split V-Guide system, and also provides 34 times longer life than traditional Round Wire Guides.  

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Technical Specifications

The U1310 machine features a  programmable 3-Sided Drop Tank design that lowers below the work table height.  This provides superb unobstructed access for work piece loading/unloading, makes machine maintenance and operation easier, and simplifies integration for automation.  The di-electric reservoir has been integrated into the base casting of the machine, improving machine thermal stability for long-term reliable precision.  The space-savings design of the integrated di-electric reservoir also significantly reduce the machine footprint, and the U1310 installation space requirements are roughly 30% smaller than competitive sized machines!   
Operational flexibility and user-friendliness are further enhanced with the Hyper-i control system, which provides the same efficient and intuitive interface for Wire and RAM EDM machines.  This represents a paradigm shift in capability, as the Hyper i control has been developed to provide many practical and helpful productivity boosting functions that empower the operator with intelligent tools at their fingertips.  The Hyper i interface makes use of familiar touch Pinch/Swipe/Drag operations similar to smartphones and tablets, and operation follows a straightforward 3-Step process of Program/Setup/Run.  The large 24” class HD touch-screen display provides a commanding view for the operator, and the integrated onboard electronic manuals, instructional training videos, advanced E-Tech Doctor help function, and standard full-function advanced Handbox provide unparalleled convenience to promote to most efficient and productive operation. 

Table: Opposed L-Shape (1720 x 1475mm)
X: 1,310 mm Y: 1,010 mm Z: 520 mm (optional 620 mm)

U Axis

±101 mm

V Axis

±101 mm

Maximum Workpiece

6,000 kg

Maximum Workpiece Size

2,000 x 1,600 mm

Available Wire Size:

0.200, 0.250, 0.300mm Ø