Sinker EDM


Sinker EDM

The EDGE3i machine provides open and unrestricted access for the operator to the work zone with a 4-sided programmable rise and fall work tank, and achieves reliable and repeatable precision through a stationary work table design. 
The foot print of the EDGE3i is dramatically reduced by integrating the di-electric reservoir into the base casting of the machine, eliminating the need for external holding tanks, and this design enhances thermal stability coupled with the standard di-electric chiller unit.  Floor space requirements are further reduced by the integral design of the ATC (Automatic Tool Change) system, which is located beneath the X/Y machine structure, providing greater process efficiency and unattended operation.
The Windows-based Hyper-i control system provides user-friendly machine operation, and utilizes a 21.5” touch screen display.  Incorporating the most current interface technologies used by SmartPhones and Tablets, Makino’s Hyper Control makes use of Pinch, Swipe and Spread functions that provide the operator with a simple and natural feel that is comfortable and extremely efficient. The user friendliness of the Hyper Control is further enhanced with the integration of on-board digital manuals, intelligent help functions, and e-Learning training system.

The EDGE3i is configured for safe and reliable operation, and is equipped with a Flame Sensor, Fire Suppression system, and an advanced Handbox with an LED display and Emergency Stop button.
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Technical Specifications

The EDGEi-Series machines make use of Makino’s latest IES (Intelligent Expert System) and SuperSpark4 technologies that consist of advanced adaptive power and jump controls.  These adaptive technologies improve accuracy and cycle time by automatically stabilizing the EDM discharge process, and improved metallurgical quality and consistent surface finishes are produced with the help of the advanced SuperSurface and SuperEdge technologies.  The array of features and capabilities that are afforded by the EDGE3i machine bring exceptional value and productivity to the Sinker EDM process.

Table: 600 x 450 mm
X: 450 mm Y: 300 mm Z: 320 mm

Rapid Traverse

5,000 mm/min

Maximum Workpiece Weight

800 kg

ATC Capacity

5, 8, 16

Tank Size

800 x 550 x 350 mm

Max Electrode Weight

50 kg

Max Available Amperage