Makino J6 4-Axis HMC leads the generation of aluminum mass production parts processing

Makino J6 4‑Axis HMC leads the generation of aluminum mass production parts processing

Introducing Makino's newest edition to the family of high capability horizontal machining centers, the four axis J6.

China – November 2019 – This horizontal machining center J6 is optimal for mass production parts machining. It adopts an agile 3-axis movement from spindle side targeting aluminum die casting parts with focus on the automobile industry.

Reliable High Quality
Adopting a fixed table type and axis motion from spindle side, J6 makes it easy to integrate materials such as work loaders and robots. J6 is built to specialize in aluminum processing — maximum productivity can be realized by short machining time due to increased agility on top of efficient chip disposal to maintain reliable quality, and space-saving design.

Maintenance Top Priority Design
Equipment layout is optimized by taking into consideration operator safety during machine maintenance. Reduction of time spent on maintenance is achieved by good accessibility.

Outstanding Compact Machine Width
Optimum system layout is proposed for customer production, even with change from manual transfer to automation transfer by gantry loader or robot. Installation space can be reduced up to 22 per cent.

Cycle Time 20% reduced
The moving mass has been optimized to minimize spindle and axes acceleration and deceleration. Less number of machines required to realize Maximum Process Capacity.

High-quality Spindle Reduces Startup Time by 33%
Optimization of spindle mass helps to reduce drilling, tapping and tool change time.

Makino's J6 will be released in China at Makino J China's exclusive technology seminar on 28-29 November 2019. Please contact your sales representative for details and to know about this machine. A system can be integrated to meet the needs of mass production requirement by users. 


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Michael Palmieri
Makino Asia