Makino in India provides lasting value to customers during tough times

Makino in India provides lasting value to customers during tough times

India, June 2020 – During the recent lockdown in India, Makino India trained an Automotive OEM parts customer on routine maintenance. The virtual training workshop equipped the customer with 1) the know-how to bring down the rare downtime occurrence faced in non-optimal maintenance, and 2) Startup procedures after a prolonged shutdown due to lockdown. 

The customer has 130 of Slim3n machines in locations across India.  Therefore the great level of preparation based on the excellent understanding Makino has of the customer across location was evident in the interactive training of 80 people customer  team. One of the most appropriate topics covered was, check points in maintenance particularly of the spindle which we need to take care after lockdown period while starting the machine.

The value the customer derived was very evident in the positive feedback by all participants and gratitude received from the customer. “It was highly interactive session and there was good discussion among all the associates and trainers”.  Another testimony of Makino being with the customer during tough times, and its intention to make best use of time and resources for lasting customer value.

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