Horizontal Machining 5 Axis


Horizontal Machining 5 Axis

A 5-axis control horizontal machining center

The MCD2516-5XB features multiface indexing of large workpieces and simultaneous 5-axis control for high-speed, high-accuracy machining.

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Technical Specifications

The MCD2516-5XB comes standard with a 6,000-rpm spindle to facilitate heavy-duty machining of large workpieces, up to 2.7 meters in diameter and weighing up to 2 tons.

The MCD2516-5XB adopts 0.1µm scale feedback and thermal-stability measures, such as the Makino Thermal Stabilizer and Thermal Chamber (optional specifications), to deliver higher accuracy and longer hours of continuous, high-quality machining. A- and B-axes provide 0.0001-degree indexing for high-accuracy, multiface machining and simultaneous 5-axis control. 

1800 x 1000 mm
X: 2500 mm Y: 1600 mm Z: 1300 mm

A Axis

130° (-110°to +20°)

B Axis

+/- 225°

C Axis


Spindle RPM

6,000 rpm

Rapid Traverse

16,000 mm/min

Cutting Feedrate

630 in/min

Maximum Workpiece

2700 x 1600 mm R

Maximum Payload

4,400 lbs.

ATC Capacity

30 (60,99, 120)

Maximum Tool Diameter