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Capital Lease/Lease Purchase

Manage risk with end-of-term options and guaranteed sales prices 

Makino’s capital lease and lease purchase options are designed with manufacturer’s in mind. We’re giving owners easy and affordable access to the most advanced machine technology, and helping companies bridge the gap between where their operations are now and where they need to be.

Work with Makino to design your lease purchase – with end-of-term options or a guaranteed sales price.

With customer-focused financing, we’re making it easy to upgrade operations.

Competitive Prices

You save with prices competitive with finance and leasing companies across the country.


Depreciation Benefits  

You keep all the depreciation benefits, lowering your costs.


Match Payments to Revenue  

Partner with Makino to structure a payment plan. Let your new equipment pay for itself with the additional revenue it generates.


Flexible Terms 

Makino works with you to adapt the terms to the estimated value of the equipment at the end of the lease.


Conserve Cash

Makino offers financing up to 100 percent of the purchase price, including sales tax, helping you close the gap on more efficient production.


Preserve your Credit

Save your credit line for other needs. Let Makino handle the financing on your new equipment.


Flexible Lease-End Options

You decide the lease-end options. Return the equipment, continue leasing or purchase the equipment. Talk to Makino about a plan that’s right for you.


Rental Programs

Implement critical equipment without the risk of a long-term purchase

Don’t wait on new equipment. With Makino’s rental programs, you get short-term use of state-of-the-art equipment. You pick the program – a generous rent-to-own agreement or a no-hassle month-to-month option.

The rent-to-own agreement is perfect for companies who want to test out equipment before they purchase. You can take ownership when you’re ready to purchase with a low-cost buyout. Hold off on ownership with flexible renewal and an easy return option.

With Makino’s month-to-month program, you have the convenience and simplicity of using the most advanced machinery when you need it. Just return the equipment at the end of the rental period.

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Contact us today for a detailed quote on a Makino product. Makino makes it easy to step into the future with the most advanced machining technology and expert engineering services. Select a financing plan from a range of affordable options. Our machines deliver strong resale value and a rapid ROI – your return starts accumulating the moment your new machine is installed.

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