Key Benefits

With the technical know-how of a machine tool manufacturer, Makino have created a CAM software that is easy to operate while having multiple functions and high performance.

Freely expand functionality according to your demand

FFCAM is composed of “Standard functions” + Optional functions.

Depending on the business size and operational system, you can use a combination of the necessary
function (optional). When 5-axis machining is considered or has been already introduced, "5-axis Machining", "Machine Simulator" and "VERICUT Interface" can be started with including them.

The CAM system can be customized to your best system, as to add “STL Model Machining” and
“Hairline Finish” when focusing on designing.

“Fastest” Creation of Optimal Toolpath

FFCAM is consistent with the concept of "Smart & Simple", and is continually been developed for improvements. With the use of the Makino FFCAM, anyone can create NC program easily in a short time. FFCAM can be expected to reduce lead time.

[PICTURE: FFCAM flow vs General CAM]

Useful Functions for Toolpath Creation

FFCAM has the functions to create high-quality NC program easily in a short time.

With the function for Toolpath Creation, beginners can easily use the software without special knowledge or going through complex procedures; significantly reducing the time and efforts spent in creating NC programs. 

Achieve Safe and Secure Machining

The build-in high-speed simulator can show the workpiece status immediately with machined by a calculated toolpath.

You can check interference of the tool holder with the workpiece, working of tools and occurrence of cutter path, and you can display uncut portion and uncut thickness in different colors and check them in a very speedy manner.