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Consistent, Efficient, and High-Quality Surface Finishes 

Makino improves your performance with SurfaceWIZARD™

Precision and exceptional surface quality are mandatory when manufacturing medical and aerospace parts, as well as other applications. 

How it works 

Burning variable shapes, thicknesses, or sudden changes in thickness, such as in a stepped part, often leaves “witness” lines at thickness transitions. SurfaceWIZARD minimizes these lines. It also improves straightness, maintains accuracy (especially in stepped parts) and achieves a more consistent, high-quality surface finish. With a new generator and adaptive control technologies, wire-break issues are eliminated and errors caused by condition changes are suppressed.

How it helps 

Because SurfaceWIZARD does all this, you no longer need to do benchwork or use a secondary operation to remove witness lines and finish a part—two things that increase cost and slow delivery. 

SurfaceWIZARD is more efficient and cost-effective and produces a precise and high-quality product—exactly what you need to lead your industry.