Vertical 5‑Axis


Vertical 5-Axis

The V80S cuts cycle times and reduces handwork in large, complex specialty dies and molds.

The V80S vertical machining center is a five-axis continuous processing platform designed for large die/mold part machining.  It features a tilting/rotating spindle, insuring that the tool tip can be positioned to provide optimum contact with the workpiece - extending tool life, providing outstanding surface finishes and minimizing post machining hand processes.

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Technical Specifications

Designed to meet stringent accuracy requirements, provide the finest finishes, maintain tight tolerance and increase productivity – the machine is ideal for high-speed finish machining of complex, multifaceted, 3-D contours typical of dies and molds. 

WATCH >>> Makino V80S 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center Travels


Table: 1,300 mm x 1,000 mm
X: 1,300 mm Y: 1,000 mm Z: 600 mm

A Axis

60° (-30° to +30°)

C Axis

120° (-60° to +60°)

Spindle RPM

20,000 (HSK - A63)

Rapid Traverse

58 m/min

Cutting Feedrate

40 m/min

Maximum Workpiece

1,500 mm x 1,200 mm x 550 mm

Maximum Payload

2,500 kg

ATC Capacity

40 (120 optional)

Tool to Tool

8 sec

Maximum Tool Diameter

70 mm / 100 mm

Maximum Tool Weight

8 kg