Sinker EDM


Sinker EDM

The EDNC20 Ram EDM machine delivers high-level machining performance in a large-capacity machine.

When equipped with the HS-Rib high-speed Z-axis, the EDNC20 can achieve jump motions up to 20m/min over its 31.5” (800mm) stroke. This level of jump capability achieves up to a 60 percent reduction in cycle time when compared to traditional processes and equals the performance of much smaller machines.

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Technical Specifications

The HS-Rib structure utilizes core-cooled ball screw construction to achieve and maintain high-accuracy depth control over continuous hours of operation. ATC (automatic tool changer) options promote efficient unattended machine operation and sit outside the work tank to minimize processing restrictions.           
The EDNC20 EDM machine provides generous X/Y/Z stroke capabilities of 78.7” x 27.6” x 23.6” (mm x mm x mm?), and supports work piece sizes up to 110” x 63” (mm x mm?). There are also extended stroke and extended work tank versions available that offer even larger capacities with 7.9” (200mm) of additional X-axis stroke and 11.8” (300mm) of additional Y-axis stroke, accommodating parts up to 110” x 71” (2,800mm x 1,800mm). All EDNC20 configurations utilize a stationary worktable design with a programmable rise-and-fall front door system that offers open access for part setups and supports parts weighing up to 22,000 lbs. (10,000kg). The machine’s structure applies a space-saving design that incorporates the dielectric reservoir into the base casting, which also improves overall thermal stability. 
The EDNC20 with the Hyper-i control contains many practical advanced functions that assist the operator with programming and machine operation. With its intuitive graphical interface and modern hi-definition 24” class touch screen, it marks a new level of user-friendly operation. Operators will find many helpful and time-saving on-board tools, such as digital manuals and E-Tech Doctor functions, providing advanced support to operators of all skill levels. With its ease of use and flexibility, the Hyper-i control system channels the power of Makino’s advanced HyperCut and SuperSpark™ IV technologies to deliver the most efficient and productive results.

Table: 2,500 x 1,200 mm
X: 2,000 mm (2,200 mm) Y: 700 mm (1,000 mm) Z: 600 mm (800 mm)

Rapid Traverse

2 m/min

Maximum Workpiece Weight

10,000 kg

ATC Capacity

8, 16, 32

Tank Size

2,800 x 1,600 x 1,050 mm

Max Electrode Weight

100 kg

Max Available Amperage

60A ~ 240A