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You need a partner who understands your business

Makino works with leaders in industries where quality, accuracy, and efficiency impact the bottom line the most. From automotive to medical, we have a deep understanding of these industries and offer machines and technology that satisfy complex requirements. 

By applying expertise from one industry to another, we are able to customize our capabilities to whatever industry you compete in. 
You need a partner who understands your business

Industries Served By Makino


Makino machines, processes, and engineering solutions produce the most accurate parts in the industry.


Lower part cycle times with greater accuracy, stability, and repeatability. The Makino competitive edge. 


Faster throughput, finer finishes, and lower costs. Made possible with Makino’s intelligent technology.

Job Shops

Makino has a solution that can help lower your costs and increase your competitive advantage.


Makino machines and technology provide precision and flexibility for manufacturing medical parts.


Complex applications with micron-level tolerances. Makino machines and engineering can meet the demand.


Semiconductor product manufacturing requires unique capabilities. Makino meets the need.

Additive Manufacturing

Makino addresses the challenges faced with developing post processing solutions.

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