Makino's MPmax: Real-Time Machine Process Control and Data Management

Makino's MPmax: Real‑Time Machine Process Control and Data Management

In today’s manufacturing environment, equipment data collection and status monitoring are critical especially in long cycle-time dies and molds. The ability to connect multiple machines on a single network to a centralized computer has enabled manufacturers to retrieve, store and analyze high volumes of data in real time. Makino’s solution to these capabilities is a package of new software tools known as the Machine Productivity Maximizer (MPmax).

The MPmax real-time process monitoring and data management system provides manufacturers with the tools necessary to detect and react to bottlenecks on the fly, whether it relates to underperformance or recurring process errors. By delivering notifications by e-mail and enabling remote monitoring, this software package lets manufacturers always stay up to date with machining processes even while they’re away from the shop floor. This ability to better understand machine performance offers unlimited opportunities for manufacturers to optimize the efficiency of their shop floor and get the most from their machining investments.

Makino’s MPmax offers data management capabilities for a variety of key machine performance features, including multiple machine status monitoring, machine utilization, alarms, probe data analysis, spindle and axis movement, machine power* and tool management work scheduling.

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