Makino’s HyperConnect IIoT App

Makino’s HyperConnect IIoT App

HyperConnect - Makino's networking application facilitates machine-to-machine and machine-to-PC virtual connectivity, enhances user experience and efficiency to EDM processing, and reduces machine downtime.

The HyperConnect app enables shop managers and operators with accessibility to everything they need to maximize efficiency, whether they are standing at the machine, sitting in their office or working remotely.

The HyperConnect suite boasts four primary connectivity features for shop personnel to easily monitor, plan and troubleshoot EDM operations:

  1. EDM Mail relays machine status information to operators via email during unattended operation to help reduce downtime and support multitasking abilities. It delivers periodic, timed interval updates of a machine’s operating conditions, or alert operators of a machine stoppage.  

  2. Machine Viewer is an application that permits networked access to the Hyperi control’s NC operation screens, which allows operators to remotely view the machine control and process information from any office environment PC or enabled smart device.

  3. Machine-to-Machine Viewer gives operators remote access to view and control a networked Hyperi EDM from another Hyper-i machine, preventing unnecessary foot traffic across the shop floor.

  4. PC Viewer provides operators with remote access to all software on a networked PC directly via the Hyperi control and includes accessibility to any CAD/CAM software, specialized shop tracking software and Microsoft Office applications. 

EDM Mail and PC Viewer functions are the most commonly utilized applications. EDM Mail is used to maximize unattended operation, whereas operators use the PC Viewer to eliminate a substantial amount of non-production motion. The collective capabilities of the HyperConnect communications suite unleash next-level IIoT networking and machine monitoring, and deliver the tools that empower manufacturers with greater flexibility and productivity.

For additional information on HyperConnect, including installation or activation, please contact Makino customer support for a conversation today.