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Lower part cycle times, accuracy, stability, and repeatability mean everything to makers of car, truck and tractor parts, and heavy equipment. Find out how Makino machining centers can increase production and quality, giving you a competitive edge.

Increase Quality While Lowering Costs

Critical tolerances are increasing and costs per part are decreasing. That’s why having a competitive edge is necessary. Makino machining centers, automation solutions, and turnkey engineering and integration services create that edge by providing the agility needed to adapt production to rapidly changing demands.

Our machining centers deliver shorter part cycle times, but with greater accuracy, stability, and repeatability. This means higher quality and productivity. This level of consistent quality is what makes Makino machines and systems essential to any manufacturer—and to shaping the future of the industry.
Connecting Rod (Steel Forging)
Total Cycle Time:   4.25 min
Total No. of Tools:  20
Total No. of Setup:  2
Machine Model:      Slim3n
Case Transmission (Aluminium Die Cast)
Total Cycle Time:   11.23 min
Total No. of Tools:  30
Total No. of Setup:  2
Machine Model:      a40
Engine Bracket (Cast Iron) 
Total Cycle Time:   3.16 min
Total No. of Tools:  8
Total No. of Setup:  3
Machine Model:      PS65

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