Why Makino India?

Why Makino India?

A Makino machine can transform your business, no matter what size.

Strong Makino team in India

“You just turn it on and it runs and runs and runs.” We hear it all the time from Makino owners. Operators know that running a Makino is just easier, with unmatched precision and relentless dependability. You won’t spend all day twisting dials to make up for machine inaccuracies. You won’t have to explain high rates of out-of-tolerance scrap. A Makino simply makes perfect parts. All the time.
Strong Makino team in India

Turnkey Services in India

As your single-source project engineering partner, our experts coordinate all stages of planning and implementation. With our industry-leading, high-speed machine tools at the core, we manage application engineering, project management, fixture design and building, process design, tooling design, cost and time guarantees, installation, runoff, and technology transfer. Reduce the risk of your next engineering project with guaranteed cycle times, production and throughput rates, and increased efficiency with Makino Turnkey services.  Contact us to talk to our experts for a consultation today.

Our Turnkey Services include:
  • Systems Design and Supply
  • End-to-end Turnkey System
  • Automation & System Integration
  • Re-tooling Projects
  • Engineering Services
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Machining Software

The key to high-precision machining - Makino's CAD/CAM maximizes machine performance!

For Milling machines:
  • FFCAM - 3D CAM system / 5Axis CAM System

For EDM machines:
  • EDCAM - CAM system for NC Electric Discharge machine
  • WIZ - CAM system for Wire Electric Discharge machine
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Machining Software

Around the clock, around the corner service

At every stage of setup and operation, you have the support of highly-skilled professionals who are passionate about your success. It starts the moment you decide to become a Makino owner. With deep-seated engineering expertise, we help you understand installation and setup, and optimize processes, to bring out the best in your machine — and your operators.

Our Customer Support Services include:
  • Maintenance Training
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Spares Support
  • Service Management
  • IIoT System
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Around the clock, around the corner service

Makino India HQ, factories and technology centers

Makino India headquarters –  Bangalore 
No 11, Export Promotion Industrial Park
Whitefield Road, Bangalore 560065

Makino India Pvt. Ltd. – Chennai
Unit 4, 4th Floor, 107 Harrington Road
Salzburg Square, Chetpet, Chennai 600031

Makino India Pvt. Ltd. – Coimbatore
S.F. No 81/2, Arasur Village
Sulur Taluk, Coimbatore 641407

Makino India Pvt. Ltd. – Dehli
192-B, Sector 4, IMT Manesar (NCR Delhi),
Guragaon 122050

Makino India Pvt. Ltd. – Pune
Plot No.77, General Block, Bhosari MIDC,
Bhosari, Pune 411026
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Makino India HQ, factories and technology centers

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