Quality First – It’s about Processes and Practices with No Finishing Line

Our corporate philosophy since the company was found in 1937 has always been Quality First. This commitment means more than just providing high quality products; it involves the pursuit of superior quality in every facet of our organization, technology, service, international business and management based on a relationship of mutual trust with our customers and dealers. Makino’s motto of Quality First attests to the excellence of our products and people.

The key in maintaining quality lies in having clear, concise production processes, identifiable checkpoints to monitor and control the quality of work as well as specifying work performance standard for every stage of the assembly. In Makino, we pay attention to even the simplest job like tightening of a screw. Furthermore, we have built a system of auditing completed work to ensure that the superior quality is maintained. With all these processes in place, building machines of the highest quality and reliability has become the norm in Makino.


Makino is the originator of high-speed spindles for commercial use. With spindles able to achieve speeds of 20,000 rpm and above, it’s no wonder we are the undisputed leader in high-speed high-efficiency machining center technology. Makino machines will deliver precise statistical performance and dramatically reduced cycle times.