Takes Care of Our Environment Goes a Longer Way Than Expect

Makino, having achieved certification for Environment Management System ISO 14001:2004, renders full support to environmental protection and works towards the prevention of pollution in balance with socio-economic needs. We go further to assess and control the impact of our activities, products and services to the environment.

Makino is also committed to occupational health and safety. The OHSAS 18001:2007 certification provides guidance on managing the health and safety aspects of our business activities, taking into consideration accident prevention, risk reduction and the well-being of employees. This certification positively improves the efficiency of internal operations, and consequently reduces accidents, risks and downtime. Employee safety and the quality of the working environment are actively enhanced through employees’ preparedness in dealing with occupational health and safety hazards and environmental aspects.


Makino is the originator of high-speed spindles for commercial use. With spindles able to achieve speeds of 20,000 rpm and above, it’s no wonder we are the undisputed leader in high-speed high-efficiency machining center technology. Makino machines will deliver precise statistical performance and dramatically reduced cycle times.