V99 ● V99L



Largest machine in the V Series of vertical machining centers Continuing the outstanding features of the V Series, the V99 is distinguished by its superb accuracy, fast speed and highly rigid construction. It is ideal for machining large plastic molds and dies requiring exacting accuracy. The V99 is remarkably easy to operate for a large machine and allows excellent access to the spindle and workpiece. V99L has 2000mm X-axis, which is longer than V99′s X-axis.


Built to support high-speed, high-accuracy machining The V99/V99L has been optimally designed according to the requirements and characteristics of each feed axis. The feed axes are meticulously designed for fast response and outstanding vibration damping.

Fitted with a high-quality spindle

The high-quality spindle used on the V99 thoroughly eliminates deflection and vibration in all speed ranges. As the heart of the machine, the assembly accuracy of the spindle is controlled to the sub-micron level, along with that of ancillary parts. Backed by this rigorous built-in quality, the spindle suppresses rotational deflection of the tool tip for both large- and small-diameter tools to provide uniform machined surfaces of superior quality.

Spindle Variations:
No. 40 taper
30,000min-1 (high-speed spindle; optional specification)
No. 50 taper
18,000min-1 (high-speed spindle; optional specification)







Improved grade of finished surface
Streaks and scratches that may occur in axis turn sections are minimized in low to high speed ranges, so that the polishing and adjustment works are reduced.

Automatic optimizing function
Optimum control commands are specified to compensate effects of variations of workpiece weight and mounting position on the accuracy and cutting feedrate.


v33i p6



Measure against ambient temperature changes
The column, bed and underside of the bed are insulated to suppress altitude changes in cast-iron machine parts due to variation in the shop temperature. Heat released by the NC control unit, drive motors, hydraulic pressure unit and other heat sources of the machine itself is minimized to suppress any effect on machining performance. Care has also been taken to direct exhaust air away from cast-iron machine parts so that they are not affected.


  Units V99 V99L
Travels X mm 1500 2000
Y mm 1000
Z mm 800
Table Size mm 1800 x 1000 2300 x 1000
Maximum work piece
(evenly distributed)
kg 4000
Spindle Taper (Option) - 7/24 No.50
7/24 No.40
Speed mm-1 12,000 min-1
(18,000 min-1)
20,000 min-1
(30,000 min-1)
Feedrates Rapid/Cutting mm/min 20,000
Automatic tool
Tool Capacity - 20 tools (standard),
30, 40, 60, 80 tools (optional)
Machine Width x depth mm 5140 x 4700 5650 x 4700
Height mm 3500
Weight kg 24,000 27,000