V33i ● V56i



Never misses the targeted accuracy.
Ideal for dies/molds and precision parts requiring high accuracy at the several micron level.The V33i pursues absolute accuracy independent of warmed-up operation and compensation.

The V56i can machine dies/molds one size larger with the same superb surface quality as the V33i vertical machining center that is highly acclaimed on shop floors everywhere.


Machine structure for maximizing spindle performance The V33i and V56i is distinguished by an exceptionally low level of lost motion, thanks to its construction without any overhangs and short distance in each axis to the machining point.

Prevention of lost motion Guideway backup mechanism provided by lubricating oil circuit. The X-axis guideway has a hydraulic circuit that pressurizes the guideway by tightly sealing the supplied lubricating oil. This markedly reduces sliding resistance to suppress lost motion.

A high-quality spindle for polish-free machining of dies and molds

Makino’s high-speed spindles boast an overwhelming record of shipments to date. Makino’s commitment to in-house development of spindles that serve as the heart of machining centers is unmatched by any other machine tool maker.

With minimal deflection and vibration, the spindle ensures precision surface finishes of uniformly high quality. Only Makino machining centers feature a spindle core cooling system that keeps the spindle temperature constant regardless of the operating conditions. This system suppresses spindle growth due to heat generation and spindle deflection resulting from variation in the pre-pressure applied to the bearings.

The difference in the surface finish is obvious at a glance. Makino’s high-quality spindle delivers polish-free product surfaces, adjustment-free parting lines and no level differences between areas machined with different tools.


Improved grade of finished surface
Streaks and scratches that may occur in axis turn sections are minimized in low to high speed ranges, so that the polishing and adjustment works are reduced.

Automatic optimizing function
Optimum control commands are specified to compensate effects of variations of workpiece weight and mounting position on the accuracy and cutting feedrate.

v33i p6


X-axis guideway cooling.

The X-axis guideway is cooled to prevent heat generation during long hours of high-speed machining.

Ball screw core cooling.

Cooling oil controlled to the bed temperature is circulated through the inside of the ball screws to prevent heat generation during high-speed movement.

Measure against ambient temperature changes

In installation environments with a low ceiling height, accuracy is apt to be affected by a warm air layer that stagnates abovethe machine. Makino’s Thermal Guard covers the entire machine to keep out ambient air and prevent attitude changes.

  Units V33i V56i
Travels X mm 650 900
Y mm 450 550
Z mm 350 450
Table Size mm 750 x 450 1050 x 550
Maximum work piece
(evenly distributed)
kg 300 800
Spindle Taper - #40
#40 option (HSKA63)
Speed mm-1 20,000 (Standard)
Feedrates Rapid/Cutting mm/min 20,000
Automatic tool
Tool Capacity - 15 (Standard)
25, 40, 60 (Option)
Machine Width x depth mm 2,330 x 2,325 2,500 x 2,450
Height mm 2,400 2,925
Weight kg 7,700 10,400