The V22 is a compact vertical machining center that meets today’s rigorous requirements for high-accuracy
machining. It is ideal for machining the small molds of mobile phone and digital camera components,
IC molds, connectors and engineering plastics, as well as electrodes and the small precision parts of medical
instruments and semiconductor devices.


The V22 is constructed without any overhangs in the XYZ axes, thereby delivering high accuracy over the full range of axis travel. All axes feature slideways with excellent vibration absorption to provide superior machined surface quality.


Wide spindle speed range up to 400-40,000 min-1

Makino developed a new high-performance spindle that provides practical performance over a wide speed range from low to high speeds. This spindle delivers superior cutting capabilities that clearly distinguish it from other high-speed spindles to date. It also has exceptionally high reliability as a result of thoroughly reducing vibration, tool deflection and thermal distortion. The spindle is truly the ideal high-performance “engine” required by the V22.

Speed range Drive motor Taper hole Bearing
8.4 kW HSK-E32 40mm Spindle core
cooling/under race


Improved grade of finished surface
Streaks and scratches that may occur in axis turn sections are minimized in low to high speed ranges, so that the polishing and adjustment works are reduced.

Automatic optimizing function
Optimum control commands are specified to compensate effects of variations of workpiece weight and mounting position on the accuracy and cutting feedrate.

v33i p6


Makino Thermal Stabilizer is a general name for functions that suppress machine attitude changes induced by the ambient air temperature. The V22 features the Thermal Guard.

Thermal Guard
The Thermal Guard covers the entire machine to keep out ambient air so as to minimize machine attitude change caused by the effects of the shop temperature.

Insulation The column and bed are covered with insulation to suppress changes in the machine attitude due to the effects of the shop temperature.

  Units V22
Travels X mm 320
Y mm 280
Z mm 300
Table Size mm 450 x 350
Maximum work piece
(evenly distributed)
kg 100
Spindle Taper - HSKE32
Speed mm 40,000
Feedrates Rapid/Cutting mm/min 20,000
Automatic tool
changer Tool Capacity - 15 (Standard)
30 (Option)
60 (Option)
Machine Width x depth mm 1,500 x 1,200
Height mm 2,250
Weight kg 4,200