U32J ● U53J

High accuracy wire EDM machine U32j and U53j


20% increase in 1st-pass machining speed. Makino’s PVG functions make this high-accuracy wire EDM machine ideal for machining inserts, slides and electrodes.



The unified Hyperi control delivers an identical streamlined interface to both Wire and Sinker EDM operations, and provides new levels of capability, efficiency, and user friendliness. New Generation – Touch screen controller available for both Sinker and Wire EDM that makes machining easy as Ready, Set , Go! Some functions include:

E-Tech Doctor

E-Tech Doctor can help you achieve your perfect part! E-Tech Doctor is a revolutionary method of adjusting machining conditions to create the desirable result.

EDM Assist Functions


All machine manuals reside electronically within the Hyper i control , and are organized with index and search functions for quick access.


On-board training system with integrated video provides a convenient training and reference tool.

Consumables Tracking

Monitor and track machine consumables and maintenance intervals.


3µmRz / 3 Pass Machining Improves Productivity

Under standard machining condition, the U32J or U53J machines are able to deliver a surface finish of 3µmRz with just 3 pass machining. This met the requirement of cutting blades of progressive die used in precision metal stamping operation.

Workpiece Material : Steel(SKD-11)
Wire Used : 0.25mm dia. Brass Wire
Material Thickness : 80 mm
Surface Finish : 3μmRz

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Achieving Accuracy through mechanical means

Utilizing structural analysis simulations, the modular machine structure of U3 achieves good rigidity even under extreme conditions.

Geometric accuracy is achieved through proven machine structure and not just obtained from electronic compensation.

Casting cooling system to achieve thermal stability
Machine temperature control (standard specification)

The interior of the machine is kept to the same temperature as the dielectric fluid, which is controlled by the dielectric fluid cooling unit. This reduces thermal distortion of cast iron machine components to provide high-accuracy machining. Moreover, the dielectric fluid cooling unit incorporates an inverter system to minimize the temperature difference between its On/Off states. The temperature is controlled with high accuracy to within ±0.1°C.