S33 PC



Catered for customers with a balance volume in pieces and variations in the job cycle, the S33 with pallet changer is suitable to provide the flexibility that a company needs to adapt quickly in the changes of a competitive manufacturing industry.


S-Series maintains a highly rigid mechanical structure and is ideal for precision die mold machining. It provides twice the mechanical structure rigidity compared to previous design.

Wider column to bed contact area provides efficient cutting force transfer. The X & Z axis motion system support does not have any overhang and maintains a constant workload.

The S-Series mechanical structure is symmetrically designed to achieve better thermal stability. The table is mounted on the Y axis to give further enhance structure symmetry.


The key to high-speed machining is the spindle, which constitutes the essence of a machining center. Makino’s unique spindle technology is renowned and field proven over the years for it’s accuracy and reliability in the high speed machining application.

The 12,000 min spindle is supported by four angular contact hybrid bearings at the spindle front which provide enormous rigidity and superior heavy-cutting performance. Equipped with jacket cooling, the thermal growth of the spindle is kept controlled by a 2,600 kcal/h heat dissipating chiller which flows at a rate of 25L/min to remove the heat from the spindle bearings.

Spindle Speeds BT40 HSK-A63 HSK-F63


: Standard : N/A : Option


To ensure the best results, a good controller and software is required. The S33PC utilize the Makino Pro 5 Controller with the GI.3 combined with Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.4) software for fine motion control even at a high feedrate as a standard. This control technology is developed specifically for high feedrate, tight tolerance machining of complex, 3D-contoured shapes involving continuous tiny block of NC data.


  • Contour Fine Tuning
  • Cutting Mode Selection
  • Enhanced cutting point accuracy

  • Look ahead
  • (High Precision Contour Control)
CNC Controller Professional 5

Operating ease has been enhanced by adopting Windows-like display screens and a touch-panel.

A “data center function” is also provided as a standard feature for centralized management of various types of data. Improved network functionality makes it possible to transfer and edit files in a PC-like manner.

Handy main menu screen and NC program table screen
Centralized management of various types of tools.
Direct-touch screen buttons


The S33PC model comes standard with Automatic Pallet Changer. The Automatic Pallet Changer performs its pallet changed by the rotary arm design and its pallet is clamped by its unique tapered cone clamping mechanism. It has a fast pallet changing tome of 10 seconds.

Pallet Clamping Method
The pallet is positioned with high acuracy by four tapered cones. Each tapered cone incorporates a clamping mechanism and pallets are securely clamped with a total force of 4.6 tons. The well balanced support system enhances cutting capabilities in the uppermost regions of the machining range.

Tapered Cone Cleaning System
When pallets are changed, the four tapered cones on the table discharge strong jets of air to prevent chips from getting into the taper seats, thus resulting assured accurate pallet positioning and repeatability at all time.

Pneumatic-hydraulic pressure (Option)
Supplied via the panthograph at the pallet changer to the pallets for the automatic clamping mechanism

Hydraulic Fixture on NC Rotary Table (Option)
Multiple face machining and multiple parts loading can be accomplished by using Rotary Work Head.