PS65 ● PS105



Makino’s PS Series Vertical Machining Centre, targeting the high mix and low volume segment of the manufacturing sector, provides users the capability to meet the requirements for precision metal cutting industries like Aerospace, Medical Automotive, General Engineering and Precision Engineering.



PS series adopts the “C” structure frame, which provides stable cutting force transfer. It provides a lower center of gravity to provide good and stable machining performance. The X and Y axis is located on the bed with optimized mechanical motion system that is supported all through out the axis stroke travel.



While the power and cutter technology helps to achieve higher MRR, the quality of the machined surface depends on the stiffness of the spindle. Designed with large bearing of 85mm (similar to 50 taper class) the spindle remains very stable during forward and reverse motion giving a surface which is truly flat. In traditional machines, the spindle deflects at the engagement and exiting the material resulting in an uneven surface. This is well known as the pendulum effect. 



Thermal Stability

To control the thermal displacement that arises during high usage of rapid movements of the axes over long periods of time, PS series machine is equipped with core cooling ballscrews and axes bearing oil lubrication. This ensures machining positioning accuracy and consistency.

A well-lubricated support bearing also extends the axis support bearing life. At the same time, it also ensures that the support bearing is cooled and thermal stability is achieved.


Combining the high power/high torque spindle and the rigid and sturdy machine structure results in machining performance that surpasses all the machining standards in the industry. The PS series machine is a 40 class type of machine with capabilities of a 50 class type


ATC Dual Speed Tool Change System

Spindle Speeds
Fix pot configuration Pot can be assigned as fixed pot
Heavy configuration tool >6KG to be assigned as heavy
Tool change prohibition Tool change can be prohibited for a particular tool

Dual speed during ATC arm swing to ensure smooth tool change and optimum time

The system ensures proper tool clamping during tool change in order to increase tool life and proper seating in both the spindle and the ATC pots.

Each tool can be customised as to the type of arm speed to be used during ATC. High speed for tools with less than 6kg of weight and low speed for tools with more than 6kg weight. This will increase the productivity of the machine by decreasing non cutting time that is consumed during tool change.



Interface for Hydraulic Fixture / Rotary Work Head

Interface for hydraulic fixtures (option) can be done either from top of the splash guard or from the ports on table casting. The maximum numbers of ports available are 4 hydraulic, 8 pneumatic and 1 coolant.

 atc flexibility


An efficient chip management system is a key to the productivity of a machine. Unmanned machining application and highly efficient machining processes generate a large volume of chips thus requiring a quick and reliable chip evacuation system.


Coolant Management System

* Picture of PS105 with two spiral conveyors on each side
* PS65 comes with one spiral conveyor on each side


  • Large area of opening for chip flow into screw conveyor

  • Steep slopes on the sides to avoid chip accumulation

  • Coolant flush on the Tele-cover for better evacuation of chips


Coolant Nozzles (Standard)

coolant nozzle

*The enhanced arrangement of the nozzles will provide a more efficient cooling effect in the machining zone.


PS Series has 4 built-in nozzle outlets and 2 flexible nozzle hoses which results in increased tool life and improved machining performance.