Medium-size and large sinker EDM machines that concentrate Makino’s advanced machining expertise to deliver outstanding machining performance and enhanced operating ease.



The EDNC6 and EDNC8 machines are available in a Wide Tank configuration that provides a significant increase in tank size to accommodate larger size work pieces.

Larger Work Tank Comparison

Adjustable Sliding Door Structure

The sliding door height which controls dielectric fluid level can be set smoothly to match the height of the workpiece being machine. It provides optimum viewing of the machining during operation

Dielectric rapid fill up system

A revised dedicated Rapid Fill Pump system on the EDNC series’ machines minimizes work tank filling time



The unified Hyperi control delivers an identical streamlined interface to both Wire and Sinker EDM operations, and provides new levels of capability, efficiency, and user friendliness. New Generation – Touch screen controller available for both Sinker and Wire EDM that makes machining easy as Ready, Set , Go! Some functions include:

E-Tech Doctor

E-Tech Doctor can help you achieve your perfect part! E-Tech Doctor is a revolutionary method of adjusting machining conditions to create the desirable result.

EDM Assist Functions


All machine manuals reside electronically within the Hyper i control , and are organized with index and search functions for quick access.


On-board training system with integrated video provides a convenient training and reference tool.

Consumables Tracking

Monitor and track machine consumables and maintenance intervals.



HyperCut guarantees the fastest possible machining speed while maintaining minimal electrode wear without affecting the desired accuracy or surface finish.

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