Precision SEDM Makino EDGE


Superb machining performance is achieved with Makino’s unique machining functions and wealth of machining expertise


Universal design for enhanced operating ease

Compact Design
  • The compact machine design enhance the ease of operation.
    There is no space requirement for maintenance on either
    side of machine.

  • The ATC is built into the machine to allow installation in tight
    place without wasting any space

Sliding Work Tank
  • Designed with fully open access to the table on three sides

  • The work tank height can be adjusted so that the dielectric
    fluid level matches the thickness of workpiece being
    machined. This allow excellent visibility for easily checking
    the machining process


Super Surface (OP)

Super Surface provides an exceptionally fine satin finish of uniform quality without any pinholes. Even for jobs requiring hand polishing, the necessary surface quality is obtained with minimal polishing. (Surface imperfections due to free-machining components included in the workpiece are not improved. The machinable surface area is also limited.)



Faithful reproduction of fine design patterns


Intelligent Expert System

Automatically controls the machining process to the optimum condition to deliver superior machining performance at all times.


The machining current is optimally controlled according to the change in the electrical discharge area as machining proceeds



  • Optimum control of machining condition and jump motion during
    initial sparking

  • Creates chips / carbon to allow stable machining

  • The machine reaches a stable machining state quickly


High Speed Jump

  • Eliminates gas and chips alongside the cavity

  • Stabilize machining and reduce rough machining time

  • Effective for machining deep cuts relative to the electrical
    discharge area