Delivers stable high-accuracy machining for the dies/molds of connectors, IT devices and optical instruments that require exacting accuracy.


Achieving ultra precision accuracy through mechanical means

Thermal stability

Covers are placed over all the cast-iron machines component to protect them from ambient temperature changes. The machining generator and dielectric fluid cooling unit are positioned at the rear of the machine, and exhaust air ducts are provided between these heat source the machine proper. This prevent heat from being transferred tot the machine. Insulation is also provided at the rear and under of the machine. Makino’s Thermal Guard cover the Z-axis and the work tank thereby suppressing the effects of ambient temperature changes.

Build to deliver outstanding accuracy

The EDAC1 is designed with an axis layout free if overhangs and with a short distance between the machining point and each axis guide. This construction minimizes attitude changes and enables the spindle to provide the same superd accuracy regardless of its position. The manufactoring tolerance for axis straightness is ±2μm, but the actual values are substantaillly less than that,


±1μm Depth Accuracy
Interface step difference of less than ±1μm are obtained between ground and EDMed surfaces and also between two EDMed surfaces. Stable accuracy in the depth minimizes step differences at interfaces where over cutting is not allows in the final machining process. This works to shorten the finishing process substantially
No. of electrode : 7 pcs
Electrode material : copper
Workpiece material : PD613


Newly developed “SPG machining circuit” is an excellent machining circuit that include “Super Surface”, “Super Edge” and “Micro machining circuit 2”

Best surface roughness : 0.25umRy (Tungsten Carbide) 0.3umRy (SKD-61)
Smallest inner radius 5um



The unified Hyperi control delivers an identical streamlined interface to both Wire and Sinker EDM operations, and provides new levels of capability, efficiency, and user friendliness. New Generation – Touch screen controller available for both Sinker and Wire EDM that makes machining easy as Ready, Set , Go! Some functions include:

E-Tech Doctor

E-Tech Doctor can help you achieve your perfect part! E-Tech Doctor is a revolutionary method of adjusting machining conditions to create the desirable result.

EDM Assist Functions


All machine manuals reside electronically within the Hyper i control , and are organized with index and search functions for quick access.


On-board training system with integrated video provides a convenient training and reference tool.

Consumables Tracking

Monitor and track machine consumables and maintenance intervals.