Created for high-performance graphite machining, the E3 Vertical Machining Center uses a dry cutting process and a powerful dust collection system to maintain a cleanworking environment. Equipped with a 30K high speed spindle and Makino’s unique SGI.5 Control Technology, the E3 substantially shortens machining time and enhances machining accuracy.




Machine Building
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) design techniques were employed to optimize structural rigidity and torsional stiffness for ultimate performance and consistent results. The machine structural configuration is based on a closed frame type design together with a pair of long supporting columns achieving superior structural rigidity.

Achieving Accuracy Through Mechanical Means
Parts are accurately manufactured, meticulously adjusted and assembled with exacting precision. Minimal scrapping is incorporated in the machine assembly in order to achieve better profile accuracy and surface matching. Higher mechanical accuracy further enhances the overall performance and increases the machine life at the same time.

Special seals and wipers



Spindle Design and Configuration

Low Vibration and High-Speed Spindle Provides Superior Finish
The key to high-speed machining is the spindle, which constitutes the essence of a machining center.  Makino’s unique spindle technology is renowned and field proven over the years for its accuracy and reliability in the high-speed machining application.

Spindle Temperature Controller
The chiller maintains tight temperature control over the spindle, bearings and motor area, thus minimizing any spindle thermal growth effects. Along with pre-load, this drastically improves stiffness and rigidity, tool life, surface finish and ultimately final part accuracy.

HSK E40 Spindle (Standard)
The HSK Shank system firmly secures the tool holder both on the face and the shank. It provides very high rigidity and improved accuracy. It is a de-facto Standard for high-speed application.



Motion Technology

Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.5) software – developed specifically for high feedrate, close tolerance machining of complex, 3D-contoured shapes involving continuous tiny blocks of NC data. It ensures production rates faster than standard CNC systems while maintaining high profile accuracy.  SGI.5 facilitates improved cycle time.

•  Fine Motion Control even at High Feedrate
•  E3 provides advanced acceleration and deceleration control technology
•  High-Speed and High-Accuracy machining made possible



v33i p6


Clean Working Environment

The fully enclosed splash guard contains the graphite dust. The dust is collected into the dust collector by the powerful suction system. The differential pressure between outside and inside of the machine ensure that the dust does not escape into the working environment.

 E3 splash guard