Makino a71nx horizontal machining center


A horizontal machining center designed for high-volume machining of cast-iron and light-alloy parts of automobiles, construction machinery, agricultural equipment and other machines.


Three-point support system

With the three-point support system, the a series can be installed quickly if the shop floor has a certain level of rigidity. This system also allows the machine to be moved quickly if the production layout is changed, and it eliminates the need for leveling maintenance.

Ball screw cooling

High-speed movement during long hours of operation causes the ball screws to generate heat that can affect accuracy and machining performance. On the a series, cooling oil controlled to the bed temperature is circulated to the nuts and through the hollow ball screws to suppress this heat generation.


The spindle accelerates quickly to its top speed of 10,000 min-1 in just 2.4 sec. Moreover, because it facilitates rigid tapping at 2,500 min-1, it is effective in shortening machining times for large-volume parts.

Spindle vibration:
20 – 10,000 min-1
Spindle drive motor (standard)
30/25 kW
(15 min/cont.)
Spindle bearing inner/outer diameter
110/170 mm
Spindle starting time
3.8 sec(10,000 min-1) 1.4 sec(5,000 min-1)
Spindle torque characteristic
512/305 N-m (25% ED/cont.)


Control unit that maximizes machine performance
Professional 6 optimizes machine motion, according to machining conditions. Even in machining with high-speed and high-acceleration, machining surface quality and shape accuracy can be kept. Machining efficiency is totally enhanced. A variety of machining modes are preset. Operator can easily choose suitable one for its purpose.

Makino Professional 6 control unit



Advanced control technology (for reducing non-cutting time) 

Professional 6 advanced control technology


Quick Evacuation of large chip volumes
Because the interior of the machining chamber is constructed of sharply slanted and vertical panels, chips and coolant are easily flushed into the center chip trough positioned directly under the table for quick evacuation from the machine. A filtration unit built into the lift-up chip conveyor ensures a constant supply of clean coolant.

An 8-nozzle coolant supply device for the spindle, overhead shower coolant system, center chip trough and base coolant, and a lift-up chip conveyor are all standard features for achieving superior surface quality in continuous machining.


  Units a71nx
Travels X mm 800
Y mm 750
Z mm 830
Table Size mm 500 x 500
Maximum work piece
(evenly distributed)
kg 1,000
Spindle Taper (Option) - 7/24 No.50
Speed mm 20 – 10000min-1
Feedrates Rapid/Cutting mm/min 50,000
Automatic tool
Tool Capacity - 40 tools (standard),
60, 90, 137, 186, 242, 300 tools
Machine Width x depth mm 3456 x 5095
Height mm 3,079
Weight kg 12,700