a51nx ● a61nx

Horizontal Machining Center Makino a51nx a61nx


Upgrading the productivity and machining accuracy, and realizing high reliability. Suitable for the parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, airplanes, and prototype units, in addition to commercial production parts of automobiles and construction machines. One-grade higher machining capability and machining area enhance the manufacturing power


Three-point support system
With the three-point support system, the a1nx can be installed quickly if the shop floor has a certain level of rigidity. This system also allows the machine to be moved quickly if the production layout is changed, and it eliminates the need for leveling maintenance.

Ball screw cooling
High-speed movement during long hours of operation causes the ball screws to generate heat that can affect accuracy and machining performance. On the a1nx, cooling oil controlled to the bed temperature is circulated to the nuts and through the hollow ball screws to suppress this heat generation.

Spindle core cooling/under race lubrication

Makino’s spindle core cooling and under race lubrication system is used to suppress spindle thermal distortion. This patented technology has a proven record of outstanding performance with Makino’s high-speed spindles.

The spindle core cooling system circulates a large volume of temperature-controlled cooling oil through the center of the rotating spindle to cool it directly from the inside. With under race lubrication, the cooling oil circulated through the spindle flows through holes in the inner bearing races to lubricate the bearings as well.


Super GI.4 control further enhances the high-speed performance of Makino’s machining centers.

It shortens machining times in high-definition milling of dies and molds by 15% on average and by up to 30%.

Super GI.4 displays its maximum effectiveness especially when machining at high feedrates resulting from higher spindle speeds.
※compared with Super GI.3 control.


CNC Controller Professional 5

Operating ease has been enhanced by adopting Windows-like display screens and a touch-panel.

A “data center function” is also provided as a standard feature for centralized management of various types of data. Improved network functionality makes it possible to transfer and edit files in a PC-like manner.

Handy main menu screen and NC program table screen
Centralized management of various types of tools.
Direct-touch screen buttons


Realizing the machining performance equivalent to No.50 spindle
— High torque spindle 240 N·m/302 N·m —

Tool Used 80mm dia. Drill
Stock removal rate : 588 cm3/min
Various kinds of
machining supported
15000min-1 spindle* 120N·m
20000min-1 spindle* 98N·m
30000min-1 spindle* 80N·m
Tool Used 125mm dia. Face mill
Stock removal rate : 632 cm3/min
Various kinds of
machining supported
High-torque spindle
302Nm spindle* 14000 min-1
240Nm spindle* 14000 min-1
  Units a51nx a61nx
Travels X mm 560 730
Y mm 640 650
Z mm 640 800
Table Size mm 400 x 400 500 x 500
Maximum work piece
(evenly distributed)
kg 400 500
Spindle Taper (Option) - 7/24 No.40 taper
Speed mm-1 50 – 15000 min-1
Feedrates Rapid/Cutting mm/min 60,000
Automatic tool
Tool Capacity - 40 tools (standard),
60, 132, 217, 313 tools (optional)
Machine Width x depth mm 2,684 x 4,236 2,910 x 4,888
Height mm 2,722 2,916
Weight kg 10,000 12,000