400mm horizontal machining centers are common solutions for high-volume small-parts production. These machines are designed to address a broad variety of part types and materials. Unfortunately, the same high-power spindle that is a necessity for heavy-cutting ferrous applications translates to sluggish performance and wasted costs when machining near net shape aluminum die-cast parts. Die-cast applications are unique. Your parts and your industry have very specific manufacturing challenges. Why use a generic, general-purpose machine tool for the production of your die-cast components? Well, until recently, there really were not many alternatives.
Introducing the Makino a40, a first-of-its-kind horizontal machining center purpose-designed and built to address the challenges of non-ferrous die-cast parts production.



Because of their high feature count and minimal stock removal, rapid traverse positioning from feature to feature can account for up to 1/3 of the total cycle time on die cast components.

The a40 is designed to eliminate non-productive positioning time. Each major casting and machine system has been engineered using an Intelligent ROI (Reduction Of Inertia) Design philosophy. Net results are superior linear and radial positioning times that lead to an overall reduction of non-cut times in die cast part production.



Common specs like rapid traverse rates and axis “G” ratings don’t tell the whole story and can be misleading, with little impact to the overall machine quickness or influence in cycle time reductions. A better evaluation tool is to look at the time elapsed and the distance traveled for the machine to reach full rapid traverse. This measurement takes into account the entire machine system including rigidity, G-rating, ball screw pitch and axis jerk. The a40’s Intelligent ROI Design allows acceleration to full rapid traverse an average of 30% faster than the common 400mm HMC solutions.



The a40′s spindle is designed to address the specific challenges of die cast parts production. Its responsive direct drive design accelerates to 12,000 rpm in just 0.45 seconds providing the reliability of a 40 taper with the performance advantages typically associated with 30 taper drill tap solutions

Rigid Tapping Synchronisation Up to 6,000 rpm

Category leading spindle acc/dec reduces tapping times per hole by 0.5 to 0.7 seconds compared to typical 400mm HMC solutions.