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21 July 2015 to 31 July 2015 - EDM Solutions Show 2015


Makino held its biennial EDM Solutions Show at its Singapore Technology Center from 21 to 31 July 2015. In the span of two weeks, the showcase opened its doors to more than 150 regional companies and presented an excellent networking opportunity for industry experts, business associates and partners in the Die and Mold sector. The crowd kept their eyes peeled as they rode on the journey of 4 world premieres, 12 EDM machining demonstrations as well as an exclusive preview of mold machining automation combining same cell milling and sinker EDM processes.



Themed ‘Touch to Spark’, Makino also unveiled its family of Hyper Technologies that is set to revolutionize the machining process in both Sinker and Wire EDM ensuring the ideal mix of Speed, Finish, Reduced Electrode Wear or Reduced Trim Cuts, achieving higher productivity. The new generation streamlined Hyper i controller interface to both Wire and Sinker EDM operations and HyperCut technology addressing the need for fastest possible machining speeds coupled with superior surface finish!


11 May 2015 - INNOVATION DEFINED: Issue 4 – Single Source Solutions


Global competition and market conditions in the metal working industry require you to operate at maximum efficiency and flexibility in order to sustain a competitive advantage. A turnkey manufacturing solution is one that encompasses a number of inter-related and integrated elements from the provision of a consulting service on production processes to the setting up of a system line that makes the best use of jigs, fixtures, tools and automation devices.

Delivered turnkey solution is aimed to increase the productivity of an existing process, or with the design and implementation of a new process to handle completely new product lines. The problem here for many customers is that they often lack in-house skills and experience to implement and integrate the turnkey solutions by themselves, or the lack of time to devote to a project of this complexity.

In this 4th issue of INNOVATION DEFINED, we share on the different aspects of turnkey solutions and technologies, ranging from suitable machining centres to the aspects of project management and engineering expertise. Join us through this journey and benefit from Makino’s accumulated years of experience in delivering customized, proven and reliable manufacturing solutions.

Pleasant reading! Makino Innovation Defined 4


14 April 2015 to 17 April 2015 - Makino @ MTA 2015

Global competition and market conditions in the metal working industry require you to operate at maximum efficiency and flexibility in order to sustain a competitive advantage. Turnkey solutions are aimed to increase the productivity of an existing process, or with the design and implementation of a new process to handle completely new product lines. At MTA 2015 held at the Singapore Expo from 14 – 17 April 2015, Makino Asia showcased its turnkey capabilities for parts machining through a line-up of five Slim3n machines of which one has robot integration.


(From left to right) Dr Moh Chong Tau, CEO, Makino Asia, Mr. Lee Yi Shyan, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade & Industry and Ministry of National Development, Mr KS Sankaran, COO, Makino Asia

Slim3n showcase at MTA 2015

By connecting a robot with overhead gantry or linear conveyor, components can be moved from one machine to another. This improves productivity and product quality output significantly.

The exhibition connected various manufacturers, suppliers, key industry buyers with more than 50 companies displaying their products to over 9000 trade visitors.

Held in conjunction with MTA 2015 was the Precision Engineering Centre of Innovation (PE COI) Annual Conference 2015. The conference provides a stage for business partnerships for Precision Engineering companies in the areas of MedTech, semiconductor and aerospace sectors. Mr Matthias Giessler, Deputy GM of Design R&D, Makino Asia, presented at the conference titled – ‘Machine Tool Design for Automation’.


12 May 2014 - INNOVATION DEFINED: Issue 3 – Sinker EDM machines, the EDNC65W and EDNC85W

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The 3rd issue of INNOVATION DEFINED highlights our new Sinker EDM machines, the EDNC65W and EDNC85W. These machines feature larger workpiece capacity and the latest cutting technology with enhanced electrode jump speed and acceleration. It delivers optimum machining performance cost effectively on both roughing and finishing cutting process.

 As a global leader in Sinker EDM, Makino occupies the high-end segment of the market.

The Makino Sinker EDM machine has become a symbol of sophisticated machining that every mould maker strives to own. Very often, owning a Makino Sinker EDM machine is sufficient to convince customers of the company’s capability and ability to do high-end, high quality products. Many of our new customers who bought our sinker machine were able to move up the value chain, allowing them to rise above competition.  Find out how stable machines have eliminated the need for reworking and brought other benefits.

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1 December 2013 - INNOVATION DEFINED: Issue 1 – F8 and F9 For Large Die and Mold and Part Machining Markets

Makino has increased its line of F series Vertical Machining Centers by introducing two new models, the F8 and F9. This machines are built to meet the divergent manufacturing needs in both the large precision part production and die and mold markets. Read more on Makino Asia 1st Technology Magazine: INNOVATION DEFINED


1 December 2013 - INNOVATION DEFINED: Issue 2 – Wire EDM machines, the U3 and U6

The 2nd issue of INNOVATION DEFINED highlights our new Wire EDM machines, the U3 and U6. These machines are predestined for stamping, mould-making and parts’ production, and with Makino’s new HyperCut technology, they shorten machining time, reduce wire and power consumption, and prolong the energising plate and filter service lives. Another main feature will be the controller. This controller design changes the landscape of the machining industry from a human that behaves like machine to a machine that behaves like a human. Any machine operator with a basic knowledge of machining can learn how to use the almost immediately.Find out more about the new machines and controller on Page 6 to 11 of Makino Asia technology magazine.


1 December 2013 - Establishment Of Training Centre In Makino China

The establishment of the new training centre stems from our corporate vision to impart knowledge and skill to maximise the human potential of our employees and customer. The Training Centre sits on an 11,262m2 site, directly opposite MAC existing factory building in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. It comprises a total built-up area of 4,530m2; including 2,670m2 of office and training facilities, spread over 2 floors and 1,860 m2 of high ceiling space for product assembly and operation training. Sufficient land has been set aside for future expansion to increase the training area.

Construction works commenced in January 2013 and completed in October 2013. Upon completion and with its close proximity to the existing manufacturing facility, this training center is set to become a preferred choice for precision engineering assembly and manufacturing education and training for Makino’s business partners and associates.


12 September 2013 and 13 September 2013 - Makino Thailand Techno Show

Since its inception in 2006, Makino Techno Show who serve mainly manufacturers in Asia, have consistently delivered a high quality platform that brings leading brands and most advanced products and technologies under one roof. The event provided a sourcing ground not only to find the best solutions but also to acquire new technologies that boost productivity and efficiency.

This year’s Techno Show in Thailand has once again proved to be an extremely successful event. With networking opportunities found and sales generated, the show offered a comprehensive showcase of products from our valued partners. Most were pleased that the show had exceeded their expectations and met their business needs. Makino will continue to deliver a highly relevant and top grade manufacturing solutions in the next Techno Show.