Parts Machining

Automotive, truck and tractor, and heavy equipment OEMs and suppliers are under intense global pressure to cut costs. They all must compete globally in a changing marketplace that calls for near-instant production shifts. Today companies not only must manufacture parts at the lowest possible cost, they must have the agility to adapt production lines for changing volumes and new parts virtually overnight.

Makino has been helping parts manufacturers cut costs and cycle times with our highly productive machining centers, automation solutions and turnkey engineering and integration services.

With our high metal removal rates, fast feedrates, greater accuracy and stability, and increased overall productivity, Makino machining centers provide demonstrably higher quality, shorter time-to-market and the flexibility to meet changing production volumes, shorter part life cycles and reduced machining costs.

Makino’s scalable solutions give manufacturers a flexible system that will meet changing demand while reducing part variability. Makino systems are designed to provide manufacturers with a highly reliable, capable and stable production process that performs with exceptional statistical consistency over time. The consistent quality of Makino systems has made them essential components of Six Sigma, lean manufacturing plants worldwide.