Have a Say

Along with our pursuit of the spirit of Quality First, Makino believes that each employee can contribute to the company. Continuous Improvement is an ongoing effort of Makino to improve products, services or processes in the workplace.

The Suggest For Improvement (SFI) scheme is a channel empowering employees to propose innovative solutions and see it implemented in the workplace. Every idea proposed will be considered by a committee panel involving senior management personnel.

There is also incentive rewards for employees whose innovations and solutions are implemented at work to become part of our workflow processes. There will also be an event held to recognize the ingenuity and effort put into finding areas of improvement where Makino will become better with the combined participation of all.


Makino is the originator of high-speed spindles for commercial use. With spindles able to achieve speeds of 20,000 rpm and above, it’s no wonder we are the undisputed leader in high-speed high-efficiency machining center technology. Makino machines will deliver precise statistical performance and dramatically reduced cycle times.