Turnkey Solutions

Makino turnkey solutions bring you the power in a fast pace environments define by our unforgiving demand for productivity, accuracy, reliability and flexibility. It guarantees cycle times, production rates and throughput while rising standard of precisions. This total solution is much more than putting together a group of machines; it’s a complete system, a guaranteed working system. In addition, we will provide comprehensive project management of deadlines, as well as tracking and handling of all issues. With us taking up a single source responsibility, you can be assured of a smooth startup into production and a more reliable, robust operation.

One of our competitive advantages over our competitor is that we have instituted many offices in the region to give you a better support. With this comes a wide range of machinery experts from different countries that you can tap on. Furthermore, we have formed strategic partnerships with leading companies in material handling, tooling and fixture design. With our good relationship with them, you are sure to benefit.

With Makino, you will have a WORLDWIDE EXPERTISE to tap on.

The essential difference between our competitors and us is, we are at your doorstep. Over the years, Makino Asia has established many regional offices in the Asia region. The reason behind this is none other than a desire to serve our customers in the Asia region better with the complete and immediate support from our full team of expertise. With this move, Makino customers can enjoy better lead-time, ease of coordination and instant support, which translate to greater productivity, profits and growth.

Quality First Assurance in Our Turnkey Solution

Makino Turnkey engineering assures that the process provided has been analyzed for optimum performance and value as well as documented for continued use. A Makino Turnkey is a complete engineered solution, balancing cycle time, cost and quality while keeping in mind ease of operation, ergonomics, tolerance stack ups, part flow and safety.

Your Makino Turnkey Project Team

For each Turnkey project, Makino establishes a project team including:

  • Project Leader

  • Application Engineering

  • Field Service

The Makino Project Leader is with you from concept to market—from making design changes to runoff requirements, production schedules to follow-up, purchasing to invoicing.

Makino Asia has provided this Turnkey Engineering to high volume parts industries since late 1995. In this system, customer does not need to divide process design, manufacturing, set up and trails to order separate companies. Makino Asia takes all the responsibility as a single source provider. It is easy and faster to set up and start operation. Hence single source provider is much simple and faster to support the project.

Type of industry The name of the workpiece
Automobile (Bus, Truck) Cylinder head
Cylinder block
Transmission case
Oil pump
ABS Valve body
Steering knuckle
Two-wheeled motor vehicle and Outboard engine Cylinder head
Cylinder block
Transmission case
Construction machines and Agriculture machines Cylinder head
Cylinder block
Transmission case
Gear case
Control valve
Body and Arm
Motor housing

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