One Source Responsibility with Multiple Options

It’s not just about selling machines. At Makino, we take interest in helping our customers maximize their growth and profits by developing the most effective solution that can help our customers reduce the cost of machining a wide variety of parts ranging from small batch quality to high volume parts production. Customers can choose from Turnkey Solutions, Integration Services and/or Application Services depending on their need at different stages of their manufacturing.


In one of our value adding services to our customers, Turnkey solution, we help customers develop the most effective solution that guarantees cycle times, production rates as well as throughput. Assuming “one source responsibility”, we take care of the entire integrated project management process from the very beginning to the point where the final product is delivered. With this “Plug ‘n Play” option, our customers can simply start production right away after installing the Makino machine.

Many times, to achieve the ultimate high quality standard product requires a lot of different processes with a combination of tooling knowhow, fixures and innovation technologies. Enabling our customers with a smooth productive process and workflow important to us at Makino. Also acting as a single source for our customers, we help to integrate various machining technologies, third-party equipment, application engineering, fixtures, on-time delivery, on-site installation, successful test runs, training and most importantly, post-production support.

To sustain growth, our application service supports you to the fullest. Our application engineers’ unique knowledge of Makino technology lets them optimize the machining process, yielding better cycle times and throughput, as well as safety and recovery programming. Only a specialist in Makino technology would know how to achieve such results.


The essential difference between our competitors and us is, we are at your doorstep. Over the years, Makino Asia has established many regional offices in the Asia region. The reason behind this is none other than a desire to serve our customers in the Asia region better with the complete and immediate support from our full team of expertise. With this move, Makino customers can enjoy better lead-time, ease of coordination and instant support, which translate to greater productivity, profits and growth.