Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

We are committed to consistently provide solutions and services exceeding customers’ expectation by:

  • Relentlessly pursuing for quality improvement in every aspect of our business processes through continuous learning, training and innovations;

  • Motivating our employees to apply their knowledge and skills creatively; and

  • Empowering our employees to take customer-focused initiative in their work.


We commit to prevent pollution, injury and ill health and ensure a safe and healthy workplace for everyone by:

  • Identifying and setting environment, health & safety (EHS) objectives,

  • Implementing controls, monitor and continually improve our EHS performance,

  • Ensuring resource conservation, waste management and safety hazards management in all our
    activities; and

  • Complying with applicable EHS legal and other requirements.


Makino is the originator of high-speed spindles for commercial use. With spindles able to achieve speeds of 20,000 rpm and above, it’s no wonder we are the undisputed leader in high-speed high-efficiency machining center technology. Makino machines will deliver precise statistical performance and dramatically reduced cycle times.