Environmental,Health And Safety (EHS) Guidelines For Contractors And Suppliers

A) Purpose

To provide Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Control guidelines to contractors and suppliers on their activities and services to Makino Asia Pte Ltd (hereafter referred to as Makino Asia).

B) Scope

To provide Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Control guidelines to contractors and suppliers on their activities and services to Makino Asia Pte Ltd (hereafter referred to as Makino Asia).

C) Guidelines

To provide Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Control guidelines to contractors and suppliers on their activities and services to Makino Asia Pte Ltd (hereafter referred to as Makino Asia).

1. Environmental Control
1.1 Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of chemicals used must be made available at all times while work is in progress.

1.2 Ozone depleting substances are not allowed to be used in any work or services.

1.3 Unused or waste chemicals and/or their containers are not allowed to be disposed or stored within Makino Asia premises after the work activities have been completed.

1.4 Chemicals must be stored in proper containers to prevent leakage and spillage.

1.5 Lids of chemical containers must be tightly closed to prevent leakage.

1.6 Adequate and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), spillage/leakage containment kits and other emergency equipment e.g. fire extinguisher and first aid kit, must be made available at all times.

1.7 Chemicals must be properly and safely handled/secured during transportation, loading/unloading and movement within Makino Asia to prevent accidental drop or overturning.

1.8 Adequate material handling equipment shall be provided to handle chemicals.

1.9 Vehicles must not be left with the engine running unattended in Makino Asia premises, unless authorized.

1.10 Contractors/suppliers’ vehicles shall be maintained in good condition at all times to prevent any harm to the environment due to poor condition of the vehicles e.g. due to oil leaks.

1.11 All chemical spillage/leakage or other form of emergency incidents shall be reported to Makino Asia personnel immediately.

1.12 Chemical or any form of waste handling must adhere to the guidelines set by the National Environmental Agency.

1.13 All costs incurred by National Environmental Agency on the disposal of wastes, handling of spillage/leakage or other form of incidents caused by the contractors/suppliers shall be borne by the contractors/suppliers.


2. Occupational Health Control

2.1 Noise emission shall be controlled within the allowable noise tolerance set by the Factories (Noise) Regulations. Should the noise level exceed the allowable tolerance, the noise source has to be controlled or located away from the premises.

2.2 Dust emission shall be controlled by means of wetting and/or extraction by use of local exhaust ventilation (LEV).

2.3 Smoking is strictly prohibited except at designated areas only.


3. Safety Control

3.1 Appropriate PPE shall be provided during the execution of any work within Makino Asia premises, where required. This includes, where applicable :

3.1.1 Safety helmets for head protection;

3.1.2 Safety shoes for feet protection – Safety shoes must worn whenever you need to step into areas bounded by yellow lines

3.1.3 Safety belts for elevated works;

3.1.4 Safety goggles/glasses for eye protection;

3.1.5 Hearing protectors; and

3.1.6 Respirators.

3.2 All dangerous equipment shall be guarded during use and stored safely when not in use.

3.3 All hand tools and electrical equipment shall be checked for damages or defects prior to use. Such tools shall not be used on wet ground.

3.4 All work at heights shall be provided with adequate scaffolding and work platforms. The scaffolding materials shall be free from defects and shall be erected by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) trained scaffolding erectors.

3.5 No hot work is allowed unless the Management of Makino Asia has given prior approval. The gas cylinders and cutting/welding apparatus shall be checked for potential leakage and replaced immediately if found defective. The surrounding work area shall be inspected for potential fire hazard and standby fire extinguishers shall be made available during hot work.

3.6 Proper and adequate hazard warning signs shall be displayed at areas where works are being carried out.

3.7 Safety signs or notices displayed in Makino Asia shall be adhered to at all times.

3.8 Good housekeeping and area cleanliness must be practiced at all times.


4. Working in Confined Space

4.1 Should your work require you to work within confined space; i.e. inside grease interceptor, manhole or lift-well, you must obtain a Permit-To-Work from the authorized persons.

4.2 You must be qualified by your company to work within confined spaces. Proof of training maybe requested from your company when deemed necessary.

4.3 You must have brought with you all the necessary equipment for you to work within confined spaces.


5. Risk Assessment and Update of Legal Requirements

5.1 Risk assessment for the works to be carried out must be submitted and approved by the manager of department engaging services of the contractors / suppliers.

5.2 The risk assessment must address all latest legal requirements in force at the time of execution of works.

5.3 Where applicable, the department manager engaging services of the contractors / suppliers shall check that Item 5.2 is complied with and inform the contractors / suppliers accordingly.

5.4 When in doubt about any legal requirements, the department manager shall consult EHS MR.


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